About Us



Mottla Grace was founded by mother-daughter duo Lisa and Avery Mottla based on a dream and a gut feeling. They’ve created a collection of eye-catching pieces for the style maven and modern adventurer alike. Each piece is designed with the unique and organic elements of nature, using ethically sourced natural stones and luxurious metal hardware.


When Mottla Grace was founded, it was our mission to create high-quality jewelry while giving back to those in need. We are super excited to unveil a partnership with a non-profit that is near and dear to our hearts. We can’t wait to have you help us continue to change lives all over the world on a bigger scale. Stay tuned! 


Choosing a piece is more than style preference, it’s intuition. People are generally naturally drawn to certain stones, though they may not know why, often times when the right one is in your hand, you just know it's for you.